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EM's Coveted Collection definition:  artwork collections that make us want to own it, live with it, breathe it, melt...whatever. Just plain obsessed with it. Today's is Will Ferrell and his wife Vivica Paulin's carefully cool curated NYC Loft designed by Shawn Henderson. Obviously, with Vivica being an art history major and an art auctioneer, we expect no less. And we especially love their choice of the Donald Sultan prints (which apart from the noticeably Lichtenstein) sets the mood for an understated uber-hip apartment.  




Eunoia Modern proudly welcomes our first exclusive international sculptor Clara Graziolino to the roster.

Clara Graziolino (Turin, 1975), is an Italian artist who works with clay in sculptures and site specific installations. With a degree in contemporary history from the Turin University and a diploma from the Art and Restoration Institute of Florence, she moved to Madrid to deepen her knowledge of ceramics.

Studying for seven years at the Moncloa Ceramics School, she developed her own vision and her personal approach to the field of contemporary ceramics. Apart from usually showing her work in art galleries and museums, Clara has received important awards and recognitions for the quality of her work. She has also collaborated with renowned interior designers in Europe and United States, creating tailored artworks for many projects and spaces in New York, London, Milan and Moscow. Clara currently lives and works between Madrid and Turin.

Because of our commitment to working with our clients' site specific needs, Clara is available for creating custom sculptures for both residential and hospitality projects. For more information or to request a catalogue of her work please call us at 415-656-8684 or email us at

We look forward to working with you!




E|M is excited to continue the work for Bota Restaurant at The Warwick San Francisco. A great local spot for authentic Spanish cuisine. Our vision when working on this space was to make it feel genuinely rustic and artistic as though you're nestled somewhere in the streets of Barcelona.

In addition to the completed mural, we brought in vintage frames, Spanish imagery and had mural artist, Strider Patton, paint on actual botas that we framed for the gallery wall, helping tie the whole story together.  

Restaurants, in particular, are fun projects to take on because it allows you to curate distinctive spaces to help the owners realize their vision by marrying the artwork to their food and concept. 

Please pop by to check out the work and enjoy with a Spanish glass of wine!

Pictured above: rendering of gallery wall before install

  Gallery Wall Installation



The MODERN Human | Ed. 2

Full Name:  Andrea Gelinas

IG Name: @dr.andreagelinas

Where do you live: Toronto, ON

What do you do:  I am a dentist!

What do you love most about it:  I love the challenge of being able to change a person's perception.  There is a lot of mistrust and fear surrounding dentistry.  I know I have done my job right when a patient tells me they have never had a dentist explain things in a way that I have, or when someone says that they actually look forward to coming to the dentist.  It's the ultimate compliment!

Favourite piece of artwork: I love Frida's Self portrait with Monkeys

Favourite artists: Nan Goldin, Frida Kahlo, Thrush Holmes

One-of-a-kind experience:  We had our kitchen renovated for the HGTV show Real Potential with Sarah Richardson.  It was an incredible experience and we now have our dream kitchen!  The kitchen is the main artery in a home- we all hang out there when we have parties and everyone inevitably ends up hanging out in the kitchen.  For me, it's what makes a house a home.

Favorite hotel: La Mamounia in Marrakech

Any creative outlet: does sleeping count?

Next place I want to visit:  Maldives or Galapagos

Fave restaurant: Oretta and The Drake

Fave decorative piece in your home:  A black and white photograph of a group of nuns smoking that hangs in our foyer

Miss about NYC: my friends, my brother and the hustle

Love to have coffee with: my great grandmother to ask her all the things I didn't when I was a child

Book everyone should read:  Many lives, many masters- Brian Weiss 

What book will I read next:  Everything that remains- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodermus- dying to read this!





 Eunoia Modern is a full service art consulting firm. We support the tangible and imaginations of artists and we believe in spreading their creativity. Our clients include those in the high-end residential, hospitality, and corporate world.

We are in search for a positive and creative intern who is eager to learn about the business side of art. Perfect for those who are seeking school credit.



Ø  Search for amazing art

Ø  Answer the phone

Ø  Marketing – emails/cold calling

Ø  Develop concepts and look-books for clients

Ø  Minimal graphic design

Ø  Dropping off samples


Ø  Photoshop superstar

Ø  Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

Ø  Great organization skills

Ø  Fast Learner

Ø  Time management

Ø  Has a vehicle (not mandatory)


HOURS: Minimum 10-18 hours a week

If you are interested in joining our fun team, please email your resume to NO PHONE CALLS.



Mural Project | Bota Restaurant

Developed and Curated by EUNOIA MODERN with ARTIST: Strider Patton

We wanted to share this beautiful on-going project that we are working on for the recently opened Bota Restaurant in San Francisco located inside the Warwick Hotel. 

The food is authentic Spanish cuisine- unlike anything else in San Francisco- so we wanted to make sure we stayed true to our client's vision by bringing the name 'Bota' to life. The name comes from a Bota bag which is a traditional Spanish liquid receptacle. So our vision was to bring something so simple and interpret it onto a mural with a vibrant presence.

Because this is a local San Francisco spot, it was important for us to work with a local muralist to support our local art community, so we've selected the talented artist, Strider Patton. With his skills, style and ties to the community- we were able to create a memorable space and tell a story behind the mural.

Within the large Bota you see mountainscapes, vineyards, beautiful bold colors that you find in the culture of Spain and finally, hidden symbols that represent the five elements. 

This is a special project and can't wait to share more as the other areas get completed. If you live here or are visiting, we highly recommend coming here for dinner or drinks to experience the ambiance, food and wine. You'll feel like you're nestled somewhere in the Gothic Quarters of Spain. 

Make sure to check out the video posted above! 



The MODERN Human | Ed.1

Welcome to a new chapter on our blog titled, 'The Modern Human' featuring modern individuals with interesting professions, backgrounds, ideas etc., sharing their broad views on the world of art and their seek for a creative outlet. 

Introducing our first interviewee....

FULL NAME: Ellen Faulkner

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? San Francisco


WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT IT? I’m surrounded by so many really smart people working on important, challenging things. And I love how open and accepting the culture is.

FAVORITE PIECE OF ARTWORK? WHY? This is a tough one. How about two that I love right now? Embrace No. 4 by Matisse is really beautiful for its powerful simplicity. It communicates such emotion with simple lines. I find Franz Kline’s Probst I really striking for its scale and forceful brushstrokes, plus the subtle hints of color. It’s something I could stare at for a while.

FAVORITE HOTEL? A few weeks ago I was at the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich. It’s such a neat hotel because it was once a 19th-century brewery and sits on top of a hill overlooking the city. The decor is all library-themed and there are books everywhere that you can pick up and read. High walls of books surround the restaurant and lounge area, complete with library ladders.

ANY CREATIVE OUTLET? I enjoy printmaking and silkscreening. I also recently took a letterpress class at the SF Center for the Book and that was a lot of fun.

MONDRIAN OR VAN GOGH? I can really appreciate the analysis and abstraction behind Mondrian’s work.

MOMA OR THE MET? MoMA. I love Modern Art.


TRUTH OR DARE? Dares are way more fun.

NEXT PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT IN THE WORLD? I would love to go to Greece.

FAVORITE THING IN THE HOUSE? Most of my furniture and decor is in neutral colors, but I have this bright green love seat right in the middle of everything. I really like it because it keeps things lively and a little funky.


I do like Lichtenstein’s work, but in this case I’m going to have to go with Vermeer’s Girl with Pearl Earring.

SILICON VALLEY ON HBO HAS BEEN A MAJOR HIT, THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW? I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. It’s funny, but a little too much like work for me, so I’d say it’s well done.

ANY BOOK YOU'VE READ THAT HAS INFLUENCED THE PERSON YOU ARE TODAY? Lately I keep thinking about “First They Killed My Father.”

FAVORITE MUSICIAN RIGHT NOW? There’s a lot of Fleetwood Mac playing in my house lately

FAVORITE QUOTE? “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

ANY COOL CONFERENCES COMING UP? I’m very excited to attend the Watermark Conference for Women this week.



Success at BDNY

We would like to thank everyone for their support at BDNY. We've attended in previous years but to be part of this was its own experience.  

We would like to especially recognize all the artists that made our booth look exceptionally wonderful, because without them, we would not have gained all the attention it most definitely deserved. If you missed it and would like more information on our company or the work we exhibited please contact us at

A special thank you to: Erik, Natasha, Leo, our Graphics Team, Heather, Jeffrey, Gabriel, Deb, Alexa, Tyler and Giffin for making it all happen with us!



BOOTH 1821 | BDNY 2016 NYC | Nov. 13-14th

Eunoia Modern is so excited to participate in this year's BDNY in NYC! We will be exhibiting new and technical artwork that uniquely caters to our hospitality, corporate, healthcare and residential clientele. 

With a diverse portfolio and our global reach, we are able to offer our clients Fine-Art in paintings, photography, multi-media, sculpture and tech-projection artwork- while tying local artists to projects allowing us to help properties reveal a story. Wherever the location may be.

As a forward-thinking art consulting group- our focus is to bring our client’s vision to life, therefore we act as a full advisory firm. With unbiased views coupled with our comprehensive knowledge, we offer art advice based on your desires, budget and project level without compromising quality. 

With these very set skills and custom capabilities, Eunoia Modern revives properties and is at the forefront of creating unique and memorable spaces.


Artwork by EM artist, Heather Chontos, was the colorful and vibrant pattern used on the furniture and lamp shade in collaboration with furniture maker Gabe Sutton to create a new approach of using artwork. Photography by Trent Bell. 

Stop by our Booth 1821 on November 13th and 14th to learn more about our work and services and Enter to win a piece of artwork from our beautiful collection we will be displaying!

To find out more information about BDNY click here. 




Wishing you all a safe and edgy Halloween! 



ARTIST RECEPTION July 8, 2016 | Kevin Woodson

Peace Within Chaos 

on display at the Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 Fourteenth Street, Downtown Oakland

Artist Talk, Friday July 8th, 6-9 PM
free and open to the public June 3rd - July 30th 2016
Wednesday - Friday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
or by appointment | (510) 465-8928

Join Joyce Garden Gallery for a special presentation with artist, Kevin Woodson, for an artist talk about his personal experience with flowers and offer a deeper insight into what has led him to a dedicated life of flower painting. He'll reveal the unexpected drama and history behind these vibrant and powerful paintings and will be answering your questions. 

Peace Within Chaos at Joyce Gordon Gallery represents a collection of work that steps outside the expectations and constraints flower fans, gardeners, and the art world has put on them. Artist, Kevin Woodson painted his “Peace Within Chaos” series in gardens, but the paintings go beyond the garden walls, illuminating the flowers’ lessons in balance. In this collection, his plein air botanical watercolors often painted in the Oakland Gardens are seen in the form of cultural memes such as Yin and Yang, power and repose, death and rebirth, and Peace within Chaos. 

Kevin will also present his new book, “Peace Within Chaos, a Book of Flowers” at the Artist Talk. Kevin’s book of flowers features many of the spectacular paintings currently hanging in the gallery, and tells stories of life in the flowers, ranging from a lost toddler tip toeing through the Zinnias, to Aztec gardeners on Lake Texcoco, and even following the goddess Iris as she travels the world of rainbows. 



Happy Fourth of July!



EM Introduces | Cathy Boyer

We would like to introduce Cathy Boyer to Eunoia Modern. As a recent MFA graduate we recognized that she sets a different tone in our roster and were immediately drawn to her romantic interpretation of everyday city life. 

"I began to paint urban scenes plein air. Continuing with this subject matter and working from reference, I developed these images in scale, concept and detail. I asked myself more questions. What was important about this scene? Was it purely aesthetic? Was it a social observation? While mastering technique is important, delving further into inquiry of this nature has taken precedence. Recording beauty of the urban landscape is my joy and brings me close to the essence of living things. Further style definition comes with inward probing. I’m delighted to be having that conversation within myself and with others." 

Boyer goes beyond the capture of mundane urban/landscape scenery and instead paints a beautiful depiction of a nostalgic San Francisco in unique settings. The lighting and shadows in her paintings is what made us fall in love with her work and make her a professional in her own right. 

Email or call us for more information or to see more of Boyer's work.



A Tangible Trace | EM artist JH

Joshua Hashemzadeh | 86,677.71 | 36" x 60" | Mixed Media on Canvas | 2016

Joshua Hashemzadeh | 86,677.71 | 36" x 60" | Mixed Media on Canvas | 2016

So what does Joshua Hashemzadeh's new piece titled, '86,677.71', mean? 

“I’m fascinated by the ways we construct value in invaluable objects. Whether it's printed word, currency or art. The receipt paintings are a result of recorded purchases that collectively account for my time in university, and ultimately the cost of my degree… Its all just proof of sale. In the end, this paper is a tangible trace of my time there. So if merit is, in large, defined by the validation of institutions and others then it's my obligation, as an artist, to provide such documentation as art itself.”

As taken from his excerpt, 'Whether viewing collages or ready-made objects the works constantly insinuate a contrast between physical presence and ideological fabrications of prestige. Joshua divides the gallery space between moments of austerity and aesthetic play, causing the room to become an expression of institutional duality. This autobiographical interpretation forms a contemporary critique of the “educational complex.” An entity alluded to via central installation structured to the dimensions of the late Mike Kelley’s piece, by the same name.'

Joshua Hashemzadeh (b. 1993, Los Angeles, CA) has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work, often varying in mediums, is built around an investigation of postmodern conditions referring in detail to: millennial identity, social institutions, and commerce. Recent works have been featured in several exhibitions in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas with recent highlights being: Formal Attire Only, MRG Fine Art, Los Angeles;32 Shades of Plastic, MRG Fine Art, Los Angeles; Tethered, Like Minded Salon, San Francisco. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th | 6pm-9pm
13453 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91423

The show takes its title from the famed literary work, “The Critique of Pure Reason” by Immanuel Kant, which evaluates the foundations and classifications of human knowledge. A premise Joshua uses as the preliminary frame-work for his recent offerings, resulting in an examination of the financial burdens of higher-education, growing intellectual disparities, and the disingenuousness of industrialized accreditations.
The featured works are presented in the spirit of academic experimentation and have been accumulated throughout, as well as immediately after, Joshua Hashemzadeh’s time as an undergraduate student. Toying with materials such as physical currency, lithography, receipts, and his diploma he touches on a divide between students and their alma matter, insisting viewers re-examine the impact of institutional influence as well as the social and economic privileges associated with college-education in the United States.

Which really circles back to our pledge and mission at Eunoia Modern- to continue to push the work of emerging and mid-career artists in support of local art communities. And while it's great to be recognized for an affluent collection replete of notable names, it's also great to be one of the first to assist in nurturing the career and success of an artist. Food for thought.  





Art Market | 2016

That time of year again!

We hope to see many of you at this amazing event. It's probably one of our favorite art markets since  get to see so many of our favorite galleries and artists in one space. And there is never a shortage of new work that wows us. 

So come out, say hello if you see us- and support your art community! 

When: April 27- May 1, 2016 | Where: Fort Mason, SF | How:




EM Introduces | Jeffrey Rothstein

"Introducing" (though not really) because his name holds weight in the art world- is  J E F F R E Y- not Jeff - Rothstein.

Jeffrey studied photography under the post war New York School photographers, Jerry Liebling and Elaine Mays and painting with Arthur Hoener, a color field painter and disciple of Josef Albers at Hampshire College in the early 80's. Post college, he was a photo assistant to modern masters Richard Avedon, and Bruce Weber while attending The Whitney Independent Study program studying with guest artists Richard Serra and Brice Marden.

He segued into the art world when Paul Morris invited him to show his series of 'Underwater Nudes' at his Chelsea gallery in the late 90's. 

 Jeffrey's diverse body of work deals with evocative meditations on the nexus of painting and photography as well as the themes of art history with respect to specific periods of painting and with his Duets series, the contemporary art world itself. His photographic work adopts the scale and composition of historical landscape paintings, researched at length before embarking to a specific location to photograph. His images are shot on film and are often altered and balanced digitally before printing. For his Zion Canyon series, he studied with a professor of Chinese Art history and a curator of  Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum focusing on scroll paintings of the Tang and Song dynasties. This body of  work is not about recording the actual appearance of the natural world. Instead, Jeffrey distills his impressions as did the painters of the Song Dynasties to create works that idealize the natural world and emphasize the graphic qualities that enable him to translate nature into an essential impressionistic medium that conveys the energy and spirit of the landscape.

We are thrilled to add him to the E|M roster as his work brings something provocative, original and finally...some color to the Bay Area. 



The Cole Carter Show | exhibition


EXHIBITION: Feb. 4th - Mar. 2nd | 688 Sutter, San Francisco. 

"Available Space" by artist Cole Carter is a series of naturally found and manually arranged objects, which have been digitally manipulated into a visual communication between organic and non organic shapes, patterns, and textures. Influenced, by Kurt Schwitter’s Merz collages- I create photographic assemblages of familiar spaces, surfaces and junk from the world around me.

Each image contains multiple photographs, various opacities and digital manipulations that re-imagine the natural scene set before my camera into an improbable two-dimensional surface. 

The resulting images are the outcome of not allowing the visual information and personal aesthetic to stop at the release of my shutter. 

Carter's interpretation of texture and natural patterns allow you to experience the creativity behind the lens. 



EP-ICAA | You're Invited

RSVP HERE -Space is limited.

The Emerging Professional Institute of Classical Architecture & Art-Northern California Chapter is dedicated to advancing the contemporary practice, preservation, and appreciation of the classical tradition in our regional architecture and the allied arts throughout Northern California. 

As members and on the Jr. Board- we encourage many young professionals to join and root themselves in our community. The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) is one of the few organizations in the United States devoted to preserving and fostering the study and practice of classical architecture, a place where one can learn the classical fundamentals of proportion, the orders, the design of moldings, and traditional detailing. Comparable lessons are brought to bear on the allied arts, including landscape and interior design, urbanism, painting, drawing and sculpture. The ICAA offers a unique and vibrant array of courses, lectures and events, all of which can be attended for free or at a reduced rate as a member. 

Participating and growing under the umbrella of the ICAA - we as EP-ICAA are dedicated to advancing the appreciation of, and interest in, knowledge of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and the allied arts. Additionally the Emerging Professional ICAA seeks to gain the interest and participation of individuals who may someday go on to become full members of the ICAA.

The Emerging Professional ICAA is committed to fulfilling this mission through four key pillars: Mentoring, Philanthropy, Networking, and Education.

Mentoring: Provides a forum for students and emerging professional to foster professional growth through the interaction and association with peers as well as members of the ICAA.

Philanthropy: Allows its members to enrich the community around them by using their unique skills to aid those in need.

Networking: Is committed to building a strong group of young professionals and students who can foster relationships with each other and members of the ICAA. Our goal is to provide the members with a relaxed environment in which to make connections that will result in professional growth for the individual, cultural growth of our similar interest, and member growth of the ICAA.

Education: Provides the opportunity for students, emerging professionals, and the general public to advance the knowledge of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and the allied arts. 

We hope you join us!



EM Introduces | Jose Clark

We are beyond thrilled to have attracted such incredible talent in the past year and now we are honored to say that we have welcomed another brilliant artist to our E|M roster.... Jose Clark.

Clark brings a unique interpretation to the meaning 'abstract art'- allowing his viewers to perceive layers, depth and movement in an incomparable way. His work forces the eye to constantly wander and fixates on areas that are rich in multicolored facets- appearing almost graphic-like. While at the same time, a mysticism lingers when standing in front of the paintings. A real authenticity. 

His inspiration? Nothing.

Clark made it very clear that he 'chose not to look at anything or be inspired by anything other than myself'. He continues, "I wanted to be locked away in my studio and create, create, create. I wanted it to come from me. Within me." 

And it shows. His work is a visual, cerebral and emotional experience. 

Keep your eye out for his artwork, as he is currently working on commissions for notable buildings in the Bay Area and NYC. His available work is on our site and please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! Stay tuned....