We were recently in Los Angeles for work and to support a dear friend at an opening in Guerilla Atelier.

It was quite exciting to explore downtown L.A. and see how much it has progressed. It's a beautiful place that feels exactly where any artist would thrive. I loved the welcoming of graffiti art, unique coffee shops, galleries catered to only local art and showrooms that are pioneers of the word hand-crafted. 

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of never-before-seen portraits of Andy Warhol taken by Karen Bystedt. The opening was a wonderful collaboration between artists and fashion designers (even though they are of the same breed). Guerilla Atelier is this vibrant hip-chíc brick space filled with luxury goodies and the party was nothing short of amazing. 

Our highlight was wearing Chris Gelinas' clothing line to the event since he was being honored. And of of course, the photographs of Andy Warhol were a showstopper. We highly recommend it!