We are beyond thrilled to have attracted such incredible talent in the past year and now we are honored to say that we have welcomed another brilliant artist to our E|M roster.... Jose Clark.

Clark brings a unique interpretation to the meaning 'abstract art'- allowing his viewers to perceive layers, depth and movement in an incomparable way. His work forces the eye to constantly wander and fixates on areas that are rich in multicolored facets- appearing almost graphic-like. While at the same time, a mysticism lingers when standing in front of the paintings. A real authenticity. 

His inspiration? Nothing.

Clark made it very clear that he 'chose not to look at anything or be inspired by anything other than myself'. He continues, "I wanted to be locked away in my studio and create, create, create. I wanted it to come from me. Within me." 

And it shows. His work is a visual, cerebral and emotional experience. 

Keep your eye out for his artwork, as he is currently working on commissions for notable buildings in the Bay Area and NYC. His available work is on our site and please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! Stay tuned....