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The Emerging Professional Institute of Classical Architecture & Art-Northern California Chapter is dedicated to advancing the contemporary practice, preservation, and appreciation of the classical tradition in our regional architecture and the allied arts throughout Northern California. 

As members and on the Jr. Board- we encourage many young professionals to join and root themselves in our community. The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) is one of the few organizations in the United States devoted to preserving and fostering the study and practice of classical architecture, a place where one can learn the classical fundamentals of proportion, the orders, the design of moldings, and traditional detailing. Comparable lessons are brought to bear on the allied arts, including landscape and interior design, urbanism, painting, drawing and sculpture. The ICAA offers a unique and vibrant array of courses, lectures and events, all of which can be attended for free or at a reduced rate as a member. 

Participating and growing under the umbrella of the ICAA - we as EP-ICAA are dedicated to advancing the appreciation of, and interest in, knowledge of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and the allied arts. Additionally the Emerging Professional ICAA seeks to gain the interest and participation of individuals who may someday go on to become full members of the ICAA.

The Emerging Professional ICAA is committed to fulfilling this mission through four key pillars: Mentoring, Philanthropy, Networking, and Education.

Mentoring: Provides a forum for students and emerging professional to foster professional growth through the interaction and association with peers as well as members of the ICAA.

Philanthropy: Allows its members to enrich the community around them by using their unique skills to aid those in need.

Networking: Is committed to building a strong group of young professionals and students who can foster relationships with each other and members of the ICAA. Our goal is to provide the members with a relaxed environment in which to make connections that will result in professional growth for the individual, cultural growth of our similar interest, and member growth of the ICAA.

Education: Provides the opportunity for students, emerging professionals, and the general public to advance the knowledge of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and the allied arts. 

We hope you join us!