"Introducing" (though not really) because his name holds weight in the art world- is  J E F F R E Y- not Jeff - Rothstein.

Jeffrey studied photography under the post war New York School photographers, Jerry Liebling and Elaine Mays and painting with Arthur Hoener, a color field painter and disciple of Josef Albers at Hampshire College in the early 80's. Post college, he was a photo assistant to modern masters Richard Avedon, and Bruce Weber while attending The Whitney Independent Study program studying with guest artists Richard Serra and Brice Marden.

He segued into the art world when Paul Morris invited him to show his series of 'Underwater Nudes' at his Chelsea gallery in the late 90's. 

 Jeffrey's diverse body of work deals with evocative meditations on the nexus of painting and photography as well as the themes of art history with respect to specific periods of painting and with his Duets series, the contemporary art world itself. His photographic work adopts the scale and composition of historical landscape paintings, researched at length before embarking to a specific location to photograph. His images are shot on film and are often altered and balanced digitally before printing. For his Zion Canyon series, he studied with a professor of Chinese Art history and a curator of  Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum focusing on scroll paintings of the Tang and Song dynasties. This body of  work is not about recording the actual appearance of the natural world. Instead, Jeffrey distills his impressions as did the painters of the Song Dynasties to create works that idealize the natural world and emphasize the graphic qualities that enable him to translate nature into an essential impressionistic medium that conveys the energy and spirit of the landscape.

We are thrilled to add him to the E|M roster as his work brings something provocative, original and finally...some color to the Bay Area.