Welcome to a new chapter on our blog titled, 'The Modern Human' featuring modern individuals with interesting professions, backgrounds, ideas etc., sharing their broad views on the world of art and their seek for a creative outlet. 

Introducing our first interviewee....

FULL NAME: Ellen Faulkner

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? San Francisco


WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT IT? I’m surrounded by so many really smart people working on important, challenging things. And I love how open and accepting the culture is.

FAVORITE PIECE OF ARTWORK? WHY? This is a tough one. How about two that I love right now? Embrace No. 4 by Matisse is really beautiful for its powerful simplicity. It communicates such emotion with simple lines. I find Franz Kline’s Probst I really striking for its scale and forceful brushstrokes, plus the subtle hints of color. It’s something I could stare at for a while.

FAVORITE HOTEL? A few weeks ago I was at the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich. It’s such a neat hotel because it was once a 19th-century brewery and sits on top of a hill overlooking the city. The decor is all library-themed and there are books everywhere that you can pick up and read. High walls of books surround the restaurant and lounge area, complete with library ladders.

ANY CREATIVE OUTLET? I enjoy printmaking and silkscreening. I also recently took a letterpress class at the SF Center for the Book and that was a lot of fun.

MONDRIAN OR VAN GOGH? I can really appreciate the analysis and abstraction behind Mondrian’s work.

MOMA OR THE MET? MoMA. I love Modern Art.


TRUTH OR DARE? Dares are way more fun.

NEXT PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT IN THE WORLD? I would love to go to Greece.

FAVORITE THING IN THE HOUSE? Most of my furniture and decor is in neutral colors, but I have this bright green love seat right in the middle of everything. I really like it because it keeps things lively and a little funky.


I do like Lichtenstein’s work, but in this case I’m going to have to go with Vermeer’s Girl with Pearl Earring.

SILICON VALLEY ON HBO HAS BEEN A MAJOR HIT, THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW? I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. It’s funny, but a little too much like work for me, so I’d say it’s well done.

ANY BOOK YOU'VE READ THAT HAS INFLUENCED THE PERSON YOU ARE TODAY? Lately I keep thinking about “First They Killed My Father.”

FAVORITE MUSICIAN RIGHT NOW? There’s a lot of Fleetwood Mac playing in my house lately

FAVORITE QUOTE? “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

ANY COOL CONFERENCES COMING UP? I’m very excited to attend the Watermark Conference for Women this week.