Developed and Curated by EUNOIA MODERN with ARTIST: Strider Patton

We wanted to share this beautiful on-going project that we are working on for the recently opened Bota Restaurant in San Francisco located inside the Warwick Hotel. 

The food is authentic Spanish cuisine- unlike anything else in San Francisco- so we wanted to make sure we stayed true to our client's vision by bringing the name 'Bota' to life. The name comes from a Bota bag which is a traditional Spanish liquid receptacle. So our vision was to bring something so simple and interpret it onto a mural with a vibrant presence.

Because this is a local San Francisco spot, it was important for us to work with a local muralist to support our local art community, so we've selected the talented artist, Strider Patton. With his skills, style and ties to the community- we were able to create a memorable space and tell a story behind the mural.

Within the large Bota you see mountainscapes, vineyards, beautiful bold colors that you find in the culture of Spain and finally, hidden symbols that represent the five elements. 

This is a special project and can't wait to share more as the other areas get completed. If you live here or are visiting, we highly recommend coming here for dinner or drinks to experience the ambiance, food and wine. You'll feel like you're nestled somewhere in the Gothic Quarters of Spain. 

Make sure to check out the video posted above!