Full Name:  Andrea Gelinas

IG Name: @dr.andreagelinas

Where do you live: Toronto, ON

What do you do:  I am a dentist!

What do you love most about it:  I love the challenge of being able to change a person's perception.  There is a lot of mistrust and fear surrounding dentistry.  I know I have done my job right when a patient tells me they have never had a dentist explain things in a way that I have, or when someone says that they actually look forward to coming to the dentist.  It's the ultimate compliment!

Favourite piece of artwork: I love Frida's Self portrait with Monkeys

Favourite artists: Nan Goldin, Frida Kahlo, Thrush Holmes

One-of-a-kind experience:  We had our kitchen renovated for the HGTV show Real Potential with Sarah Richardson.  It was an incredible experience and we now have our dream kitchen!  The kitchen is the main artery in a home- we all hang out there when we have parties and everyone inevitably ends up hanging out in the kitchen.  For me, it's what makes a house a home.

Favorite hotel: La Mamounia in Marrakech

Any creative outlet: does sleeping count?

Next place I want to visit:  Maldives or Galapagos

Fave restaurant: Oretta and The Drake

Fave decorative piece in your home:  A black and white photograph of a group of nuns smoking that hangs in our foyer

Miss about NYC: my friends, my brother and the hustle

Love to have coffee with: my great grandmother to ask her all the things I didn't when I was a child

Book everyone should read:  Many lives, many masters- Brian Weiss 

What book will I read next:  Everything that remains- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodermus- dying to read this!