Eunoia Modern proudly welcomes our first exclusive international sculptor Clara Graziolino to the roster.

Clara Graziolino (Turin, 1975), is an Italian artist who works with clay in sculptures and site specific installations. With a degree in contemporary history from the Turin University and a diploma from the Art and Restoration Institute of Florence, she moved to Madrid to deepen her knowledge of ceramics.

Studying for seven years at the Moncloa Ceramics School, she developed her own vision and her personal approach to the field of contemporary ceramics. Apart from usually showing her work in art galleries and museums, Clara has received important awards and recognitions for the quality of her work. She has also collaborated with renowned interior designers in Europe and United States, creating tailored artworks for many projects and spaces in New York, London, Milan and Moscow. Clara currently lives and works between Madrid and Turin.

Because of our commitment to working with our clients' site specific needs, Clara is available for creating custom sculptures for both residential and hospitality projects. For more information or to request a catalogue of her work please call us at 415-656-8684 or email us at

We look forward to working with you!