January | CoE

We love the enthusiasm the new year always brings- so we've created a CoE (calendar of events) of all the exciting shows opening this month in the bay so you don't feel left out. 


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1. Pace Art + Technology:  This one we're really excited about.  Living Digital Space and Future Parks: an immersive and large-scale, site-specific installation and digital playground for all ages. Buy tickets here.

2. FOG Design + Art: A platform for contemporary design and art that shifts, morphs, and reveals itself through multiple forms and dimensions. Buy tickets here. 

3. ArtSpan Exhibition at Arc Gallery: This exhibition celebrates ArtSpan's resolution to cultivate and sustain a vibrant, accessible, and world-class art community in San Francisco while promoting the city's unique creative energy throughout the years to come. Register here.

4. Strange Developments - Women in Video Art: Artists Sofía Córdova, Desirée Holman and Lynn Hershman Leeson in conversation with art critic Larissa Archer. Buy tickets here.

5. 200 Years of California Chinatowns - Alfred Twu Art Show: Join Alfred Twu in his latest exhibit that will showcase in acrylic paintings the past, present, and future of California Chinatowns. Free tickets here.

6. San Francisco Women Artists Gallery: Women Artists (SFWA) is an historic nonprofit arts organization that continues to support, promote, and exhibit the works of talented Bay Area artists. More info here. 

7. CultureStrike + Justseeds Artists Cooperative: CultureStrike and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative have joined forces with numerous artists and activist organizations to create a limited-edition print portfolio of works focused on the urgency of climate change around the globe, examining in particular its impact on migrant communities and people of color. Event info here.

8. Richard Diebenkorn: The Sketchbooks Revealed: This unparalleled collection of 29 sketchbooks, never before on public view, contain 1,045 drawings that span 50 years and represent the range of styles and subjects that Diebenkorn (Stanford BA, ’49) explored. More info here.

9. NEAT: New Experiments in Art and Technology: Artists and scientists worked on new projects in art and performance, was a turning point in art's relationship with science. Buy tickets here.

10. Tenderloin Museum: The Tenderloin Museum celebrates the gritty art and activism of old San Francisco and the neighborhood that spawned the city’s LGBT movement and was the site of the legendary music venues that featured the likes of Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, the Grateful Dead, Santana and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. More info here.  



E|M cheers to a beautiful 2015

2015 was quite the ride for us... and for many we're sure. Though it had its surprises (mainly good ones), we welcome the next chapter and hope it's filled with many more adventures and mystery. 

As you ring in the New Year we hope you look back on all the positive moments this year had to offer. And if it had more hair pulling ones? Well, we hope you can laugh them off in 2016! 

Wishing you the best on this New Year's Eve and hope to see more of all of you! Below are some of our favorite and memorable 'art-moments' of 2015.

  • No. 1 - We launched Eunoia Modern. One of the proudest moments of our lives.
  • No. 2 - Beautiful suspended sculptures in corporate lobby. 
  • No. 3 - Visiting the new Whitney Museum in NYC. photo by Taylor Jewell.
  • No. 4 - Traveling Europe for a Month to get re-inspired. 
  • No. 5 - E|M artist Fangkai Zhang pictured with Ai Weiwei (legendary). 
  • No. 6 - Visiting the Art Institute in Chicago and Millennium Park. We loved the tech installations. 
  • No. 7 - E|M artist Natasha Kohli installs a public piece across the Chicago Theater.
  • No. 8 - We say goodbye to Ellsworth Kelly but his work is forever with us 
  • No. 9 - E|M artist Chris Rivas' powerful portraits. We may be a little bias, but we love the confident woman in this particular piece. 
  • No. 10 - Supporting the local art community and SF/SV Art Fair. 



Travels | Chicago...p1

photo by Eunoia Modern

photo by Eunoia Modern

EM is up to some pretty exciting things in Chicago. It has been a full itinerary for us and we will be sharing this week.... Er, maybe oversharing - but that's ok. That's why we have a we can 'dear diary' the heck out of this. 

First exciting thing we want to share is EM Artist, Natasha Kohli's install. Now, I know we've discussed it in the past but we are so impressed at how perfect this piece still stands. Hence we're here bragging about it all over again. Considering Chicago's weather is not the friendliest during the winter and how respectful the public has been to this beautiful piece! Usually when you see art on public walls- it's not too long before someone gets "tempted". So thank you Chicago for the love! We love her work and keep following her because she is always surprising us. 

In pristine condition and across the Chicago Theater. Stop by and see it if you're in the area. Email us if you have any questions or just want to tell us how cool she is. 



Happy T-Day | EM Newsletter

Whether it's Turkey or Tofu...We would love to wish you all a great Thanksgiving Day! 

above: some of our festive favorites.




The best part of our job is getting to visit artists' studios to see what is happening in our community and discover new work. But it's even better when we get to run into a Celebrity icon. Check him out at @wheresabel or go to his page :

We swear he's a thing.

All we can say is... find him if you can.



Art SV/SF | This Weekend

If you're in town...and looking for something different to do- go to Art SV/SF! 

Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco (Art SV/SF) is Art Miami’s new International Contemporary and Modern Art Fair on the West Coast. Centrally located between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the fair will showcase important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with some of the world’s most respected galleries and art institutions.

Art SV/SF will present the most comprehensive, centrally located exhibition of top-quality International Contemporary, Emerging and Modern art to the communities of the SF Peninsula, while remaining convenient to the collectors, curators, art advisors, designers and tastemakers of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Fair takes place at the San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo, conveniently located at the crossroads of U.S. 101 and CA 92 freeways and just 10 minutes south of San Francisco International Airport.

Friday October 9, 2015 |  11am - 7pm
Saturday October 10, 2015 |  11am - 7pm
Sunday October 11, 2015 |  11am - 6pm

For more information visit :



Travels | Chicago + Detroit + LA

From the nine day mural festival celebrating local and international artists in Detroit.

From the nine day mural festival celebrating local and international artists in Detroit.

Part of gaining perspective and inspiration comes from our travels. Therefore, when meeting clients, we always leave enough room in our schedule to tour the places we visit.

This past week was quite colorful for us as we traveled to Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. It's so visually stimulating for us to to be able to experience what is happening in the art world and to be reminded of all the talent that constantly surrounds us. We wish we could take it all with us.

Below were some of our favorites!

Thompson Hotel in Chicago exhibits one of the most luxurious loft-like settings. The exceptional curation of artwork begins at the lobby and trails to the back of the bar.

Nick Cave returns to Cranbrook Art Museum. Nerissa wanted  to become one of his dancers, "his fury costume dancers is an accurate depiction of my inner self, I think I would be great!" 

And of course, a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago is always a must in the windy city. 




Art for the Greater Good | GLAAD





Opening Reception: Saturday, September 19, 7-11pm

Los Angeles | MRG Fine Art

Joshua Hashemzadeh, born in Los Angeles in 1993, is currently working in San Francisco, CA where he received his BFA in 2015 from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work, often varying in medium, is built around an investigation of postmodern conditions referring in detail to: contemporary identity, social structures, and commerce. Trained as a painter and inspired by Fluxes and California Conceptualist, Joshua looks to infuse traditional discourses around art with larger conversations and alternative forms of art making and viewership. He looks to his practice as a continuum of research and adopts the most fitting of mediums to best portray a particular realm of inquiry. Recent works have been featured in several exhibitions in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas with recent highlights being: Our Little Angle, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco; Tethered, Like Minded Salon, San Francisco; and Bubbles and Glass, MRG Fine Art, Los Angeles.

32 Shades of Plastic is a collaboration between Joshua Hashemzadeh and his seven year old sister Lauren Gallace. Appropriating images from young girls coloring books Joshua creates subtle breaks in their continuity through the digital alteration of text and line work. The process is then completed with the work being redistributed to and colored by Lauren. The pieces in this exhibition build on the controversies surrounding the portrayal of gender, race, socioeconomic class, and heteronormativity that exists in popular culture. These images, although seemingly innocent, utilize subtle changes that warrant an intimate investigation which challenges the modern immediacy of visual content and pushes the viewer to re-examine how and when these popular tropes enter one's consciousness.  

A portion of the exhibits proceeds will be donated to the GLAAD organization, which aims to rectify common acceptance of stereotypes and the perpetuation of unfair practices and discrimination. 



This Week with Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford: Scorched Earth

The Hammer Museum
Los Angeles
June 20–September 27, 2015
Opening Reception: June 20, 2015

Courtesy of the Hammer Museum and Hauser & Wirth. Photo by Joshua White.

Comprising a suite of new paintings, a multimedia installation, and a major painting on the Lobby Wall, this new body of work by the Los Angeles–based artist Mark Bradford refers to formative moments in his life and ruminations on the body in crisis. As an artist who has long been interested in strategies of mapping and the psychogeography of the city he calls home, Bradford uses his characteristic painting style to excavate the terrain— emotional, political and actual—that he inhabits. Examining the moment and afterlife of the 1992 uprisings in Los Angeles, which he experienced from his studio in Leimert Park, Bradford has translated the outrage and lasting wounds of the riots into these new paintings. Scorched Earth is Bradford’s first solo museum exhibition in Los Angeles. 


Article taken from



Seattle Art Fair Starts Today

Brendan Tang, Manga Ormolu 4.0p,     ceramic 27 x 12 x 12 inches. Courtesy of Gallery Jones

Brendan Tang, Manga Ormolu 4.0p,   ceramic 27 x 12 x 12 inches. Courtesy of Gallery Jones

Seattle Art Fair begins today in the heart of the city at CenturyLink Field Event Center. Already recognized as a great city for the arts, Seattle is bursting with anticipation for the launch of a truly innovative event: a fair that highlights the ingenuity and vibrant art scene of its hometown while igniting world-wide interest in this Pacific Northwest hub of creativity and arts patronage. 

Seattle Art Fair starts this evening with an exclusive Preview benefiting Artist Trust. Patron VIP Pass holders will join the fair for an exclusive First Look at 6:00pm, and at 8:00pm the doors will open to all Seattle Art Fair VIP and Fair Pass holders. To purchase tickets to the Preview, visit 

Seattle Art Fair's first edition will feature Basecamp, a combined Marsh VIP and Collector's Lounge designed by Seattle-based Olson Kundig. Acting as a conduit between outside and in, the space will serve as a gathering point and place for conversation and contemplation. Olson Kundig’s design celebrates the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest, using wood, fabric, and native plantings to evoke the simple elegance of nature and bridge the fair with the surrounding landscape. The design for Basecamp is led by Olson Kundig owner and principal Jim Olson and associate architect Jerry Garcia. 

Seattle Art Fair's off-site activations will open alongside the central fair, inviting the public to explore familiar parks and buildings with an original perspective afforded by new installations by such artists as Robert Montgomery, Wendy Red Star, and Jenny Heishman. A Singularity, a special exhibition at The Living Computer Museum, will explore the rapidly integrating relationship of human intelligence and technological advent. With a collection assembled by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen, the Living Computer Museum provides a historical framework as well as a focused mission for the future of the machines inspiring this exhibition. The fifteen exhibited works by Mark Cooper, George LeGrady, Chris Doyle, Jack Featherly, Anthony Marcellini, Joel Holmberg, Joseph Huppert, Brenna Murphy, MSHR, Michal Rovner, and John Slepian, all presented by Seattle Art Fair exhibitors, will showcase technology’s impact on each artist‘s practice and his or her utilization of technology as a tool and an influence.

Don't miss your chance to experience this unique and exciting moment in one of Forbes' top ten most creative cities. Seattle Art Fair is open Thursday, July 30th through Sunday, August 2nd. For more information about the fair and its surrounding events visit, and if you haven't already and are in the area, be sure to: 



Sherrie Wolf, The Concert, 2015,    oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches. Courtesy of Woodside, Braseth Gallery

Sherrie Wolf, The Concert, 2015,  oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches. Courtesy of Woodside, Braseth Gallery



L.A. Confidential | Art District

We were recently in Los Angeles for work and to support a dear friend at an opening in Guerilla Atelier.

It was quite exciting to explore downtown L.A. and see how much it has progressed. It's a beautiful place that feels exactly where any artist would thrive. I loved the welcoming of graffiti art, unique coffee shops, galleries catered to only local art and showrooms that are pioneers of the word hand-crafted. 

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of never-before-seen portraits of Andy Warhol taken by Karen Bystedt. The opening was a wonderful collaboration between artists and fashion designers (even though they are of the same breed). Guerilla Atelier is this vibrant hip-chíc brick space filled with luxury goodies and the party was nothing short of amazing. 

Our highlight was wearing Chris Gelinas' clothing line to the event since he was being honored. And of of course, the photographs of Andy Warhol were a showstopper. We highly recommend it! 



Launching Eunoia Modern Blog

Welcome to the official launch of Eunoia Modern's Blog! 

We are excited to be able to freely over-share our thoughts about art fairs, favorite artists, our lives within the brand and much more. And of course, if you love reading everything we have to say, please sign up to follow us! We'll try to keep our content fun and interesting. The rest as they say is geometry. 

Feel free to leave any comments...