With access to endless inventory and art-related services- we can do it all.

Art is a personal statement, and assisting people in developing their knowledge so that they can voice their stance and postures in life is our career and calling. We are inspired by our clients. Getting to know them on an intimate level, appreciating not only their taste, but also their style and aesthetic, is the nucleus of moving artistic creation. It’s important for us to expose them to a cultural and visual experience; to join them with those pieces that will create a moment that will echo through generations, whether a seasoned collector, or a novice. 


we are truly committed to your vision and satisfaction | here is what we do:

*Private/Individual Consulting 

*Corporate and hospitality consulting- printing services are available for volume

*Art Acquisition- directly work with galleries, dealers, auction houses and artists

*Buying Services: negotiate and assist with the final process of your purchase

*Framing services

*Project Planning and Budgeting- no matter the size, no matter the scale or budget, we will we work with you

*Professional Art Handling: packing, crating, shipping, delivery, lighting and installation 

*We work with designers, architects, and consultants: we understand how busy you are so we work closely with the   trade to ensure we meet your standards. We assist with building a collection on all stages of the project

*Design and develop concepts- size recommendations, specifications, space planning, budgeting, and design. We      work directly with artists to execute your final vision

*We represent a talented body of artists that we are able to offer to our clients. Please click here to view our artists


please email or call with any further questions regarding our services. we love connecting with our clients.